Elkeslasi Surface Design

Elkeslasi Surface Design deals with the design, production and development of printed surfaces for a wide variety of decorative applications.

We use various printing techniques such as lamination and sublimation on a number of different surfaces:
Glass – within layered glass and insulated glass
Concrete, stone, cement boards, Corian, Cesar stone, MDF ,Tin, Veneer and PVC floors
Our company provides its customers in Israel and abroad with quality solutions for their surfaces. We carefully plan, design and creatively decorate surfaces.

Giora Elkaslasi, the company's founder and manager, graduate of the Shenkar Institute of Design, has reputable experience in this field.

The method used is called multi-layered printing on film and lamination. This multi-layered print creates a unique and very rich look, which can be used for a number of surfaces such as: kitchen cabinets, work counters in the kitchen, wall units, bathroom cabinets, shower stalls, open space dividers, concealed surfaces, and more.

Our customers have the advantage of having their solutions at "Total Design". This means our company provides, consultation, planning, implementation and production of a wide range of surfaces which.

We provide any surface suitable to the customer's budget and specifications. We will create an immediate sample to demonstrate the graphics for our customer's approval before production.We also provide a unique process of suitable graphic designs in different formats for kitchen cabinet suppliers.

Discover the infinite design possibilities with our vast collection of surface resources.
Ecology Awareness! – We use only ecologically-friendly ink and water-based colors.
Our highly skilled and creatively talented team keep up-to-date with surface design trends and are always one step ahead!

We look forward to serving you!

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Adress: Kanot Industrial Area, Yarok 6 St, Israel.

Mail Adress: Moshav Bizaron, 60946, Derech Tel Hai St. P.O.B 283