All designs can be produced as opaque, translucent or transparet. The designs scale is based on 40X68 cm / 26.8X15.7".

Design color can be changed according to Pantone or Ral Palettes.

Picture of ELW-1

ELW-1Triangle Marquetry

Picture of ELW-3

ELW-3Wooden Black Stripes

Picture of ELW-4

ELW-4Marquetry Octagons

Picture of ELW-5


Picture of ELW-7

ELW-7Multi Layered Ink.

Picture of ELW-7G

ELW-7GMulti Layered Ink + Gold

Picture of ELW-9

ELW-9Wooden Fibers

Picture of ELW-9G

ELW-9GGolden Wooden Fibers

Picture of ELW-10

ELW-10Wooden Pixels

Picture of ELW-11

ELW-11Wooden Stripes

Picture of ELW-13

ELW-13Carved Wood